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  • Laundry baskets
  • soap
  • Foams
  • Gels, liquids for washing and rinsing
  • Antibacterial, disinfecting liquids
  • quicksand
  • Sets "lazybones"
  • Contributions of inventories to mop
  • Puffs and cloths
  • Window and floor squeegees
Get ready for a spring barbecue with a Lumarko store!
lip 3, 2024

Get ready for a spring barbecue...

Spring has come to our gardens for good, bringing with it the scent of blooming flowers and freshly cut grass. Pleasant lazy afternoons are more often accompanied by a tasty...

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Create a home spa with products from the Lumarko store
lip 3, 2024

Create a home spa with products...

A long and tiring day at work is behind you? Or maybe another exhausting day spent at home? A pleasantly relaxing bath is something that will undoubtedly improve your mood! It...

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Spring cleaning. How to make them pleasant and quick?
lip 3, 2024

Spring cleaning. How to make...

Cleaning accessories, household chemicals

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Interesting facts about the companies we work with!
lip 3, 2024

Interesting facts about the...

The 3M company is perceived as one of the most innovative companies in the world because it submits over 500 patents every year!

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Accessories store for cleaning the house

Discover the full offer of the Lumarko online store - we've created it with your needs and preferences in mind. We have prepared a wide range of cleaning products, cleaning kits and equipment for our clients, thanks to which you can deal with dirt much more easily in your own home. Our online store with household chemicals offers ordering soaps, descaling agents and air fresheners. We also sell efficient dishwashing liquids or specialized agents for removing impurities from a washing machine or fireplace. We want cleaning to be a pleasure, that's why we work only with proven manufacturers that offer effective and safe operation of their home cleaning preparations.

Equipment, cleaning products for the home and much more.

As an online store with home accessories, we do not limit ourselves to household chemicals, but we also include cleaning kits and small interior fittings. Thus, in Lumarko you can order durable containers for dough, capacious litter bins or shoe drainers. We have everything you need to maintain order in the apartment and more.

When completing your order, you have the option of attaching body care accessories to it. At the same time with Lumarko you will take care of the appearance of your hair, body and face. Care products for men and women from the best manufacturers are available at competitive prices - check current promotions and you'll find that you can buy selected washing or shaving products cheaper than in a stationary store. Lumarko is an online store with home and body accessories, which likes to surprise its buyers with attractive discounts!

Choose an online store with home accessories and take care of cleanliness as best you can.

We strive to make the Lumarko website as transparent as possible. Products sorted into categories can be added to the virtual basket, where the final order is selected and finalized. Our store with home cleaning accessories works only with reputable manufacturers of household chemicals or cleaning kits so that you can enjoy their reliable operation, and cleaning has become a pleasure for you. All home cleaning products presented on our website contain detailed information from manufacturers on the application, so as to take care of the cleaned surfaces. By following the instructions, you not only remove dirt from them, but also care for them and protect them from damage. Check current promotions on our website, stay up to date with new articles and find out what accessories have stolen the hearts of other ladies of the house. Take care of the cleanliness of the apartment together with household chemicals and cleaning kits from the online store Lumarko!